Monday, July 7, 2008

Restaurant Review: Fox Brothers BarBQ- I've been Tomminated

I am eternally claiming to be on a health kick. After reading French Women Don't Get Fat and Good Calories, Bad Calories, I'm firmly convinced that the way ahead is twofold: eat small portions of high quality, locally grown products and avoid processed carbs. Easy enough, right? Alas, I am weak and the siren call of Fox Brothers Bar BQ was too much for me.

What prompted this trip you ask? One of my boyfriend's coworkers told us about the Tomminator , a Fox Bros. specialty. When we heard what it entailed, we simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it. They start with a delicious pile of tater tots (lots of bad carbs? check!), then smother them in brunswick stew (my favorite Southern specialty), and last they cover it all in a gooey mess of cheese. I'm sure all those skinny French women would find it all trés dégoûtan, but great googly moogly that was one delicious dish!

Unlike most, Fox Brother's brunswick stew has a spicy kick to it which contrasted oh so well with the salty tots and rich cheese topping. Haute cuisine it wasn't, and there was nothing aesthetically pleasing about the sloppy mess plated before us, but let me reiterate, the Tomminator was slap yo mamma delicious - gooey, rich, salty, spicy...hell yeah! When you have all that, how it looks isn't high on my list of importance.

The BBQ was tasty of course, but it was nothing compared to our tot-treat. I had the pork plate, which was moist but not identifiably different from the 'cue I've had at many a local restaurant. More interesting was the special pickled green tomato appetizer. Once again there as a pleasant spiciness to the dish, and the tomatoes were both juicy and piquant.

I have not forgone my anti-bad carb stance or my quest to eat like a French woman, but everyone deserves a treat sometimes, and the Tomminator was most definitely that.

Pros: guilty pleasure tomminator, inexpensive
Cons: heart attack waiting to happen

Fox Brothers BarBQ
1238 DeKalb Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

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