Thursday, July 24, 2008

Presidential eats

The WSJ took a look at what the Presidential Candidate's like to eat and what is says about them. I'm not sure they come up with any profound insights, but I do think it's interesting that my preferred candidate's food tastes are more aligned with mine than his opponent's are. Anyone who knows me well, won't have a hard time guessing who I support but I'll keep my lips zipped on this one.

I agree that what you eat says a lot about you. Typically I find super picky eaters to also be wound pretty tight in other arenas or at a minimum a bit vanilla in personality. And the surest way to become fast friends with me is to love trying out new restaurants and foods. Culinary adventurers are frequently pretty exciting people in other ways, too, and what's life without a little excitement? I once knew a guy who ate a grilled chicken sandwich with nothing on it every day for lunch. What a sad, sad life that would be for me!

An interesting side note, the article sites Chicago as perhaps the best dining city in the US. I've only been there twice on business and my dining there has been forgettable. Think a trip to check out their culinary scene is in order. Top Chef Chicago certainly highlighted some tasty sounding Chicago eateries. Is it possible, though, that Chicago has better eats than my beloved NYC?



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