Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Top Chef Update

According to Eater and Page Six, the next Top Chef will be filmed in NY with the contestants living in Williamsburg and cooking at the Benjamin Hotel in Midtown. No sooner do I leave NY than my fave cooking program comes to town - oh the horror! I'm sure the faux-hawked chefs will fit right in in hipster-central Williamsburg, but they'll be a bit more conspicuous frantically running around the Union Square Greenmarket. Expect to see a challenge at Colicchio's marquee restaurant Craft. I'm hoping for at least one Atlanta Chef (more Richard than blink and you'd miss her Nimma) and a top competitor who I love to hate (think Marcel from season 3) and no chefs who I hate to hate (I'm looking at o you Lisa "The Gorgon" Fernandes). I can't wait to see one of the best competitions on television take place in my previous home. Love Atlanta as I do, I still miss the NY culinary scene mightily.



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