Monday, August 4, 2008

All Tapped Out

Over the last couple of weeks I'd received several emails about the Tap Anniversary party that was last Friday. I'd never been to Tap before, but after a brief stint studying in London, I have an enduring love of gastropubs, so in theory Tap sounded awesome. Plus, the invite to the party promised an 80's cover band, costumes, and best of all drink specials and free bar snacks.

So when Friday rolled around, I dragged the boyfriend out to Tap to check it out. The restaurant was indeed crowded, although the crowd felt more like the typical Friday happy hour scene rather than anything special for the event. There was a band playing inside, but the sound was so deafening that staying inside would have meant no conversation and more than likely a raging head ache.

We grabbed a table outside and ordered two beers and a pimento cheese and pretzel bar snack. Perhaps I missed something, but there was nary a drink special or free bar snack offered to me, so I was a bit perplexed. Why bill a big special event and then make the accouterments scarce? maybe they were offered somewhere by the bar? Or maybe it all ran out before we got there? Regardless, I was disappointed that we made a special trip to Tap for what seemed just like any other night. Even the 80's costumes were few and far between, with only those who were paid to be there wearing retro garb. Don't promise me food and drink deals if none will be forthcoming. That's just a tease!

The pimento cheese and pretzel snack was tasty enough, although nothing to rave about. Here's the annoying bit - we got a big bowl of dip and four long pretzels to eat it with. Those pretzels were gone in no time, and our waiter offered to grab us a few more. It would have been nice to have enough pretzels in the first place given there was no way to even put a dent in the cheese with just four measly pretzels. What were we supposed to do, eat pimento cheese with spoons? That said, since the waiter brought more, it wasn't a particularly big deal. Until of course we saw that we had actually been charged for the extra pretzels. Granted it was only a dollar, but if you're not going to provide a means of eating at least 80% of the dish, then charging for extra seems like a rip off. Shame on you Tap - I paid to park, showed up for your disappointing party, and you made me pay extra to finish my snack. Next time give enough pretzels in the first place or at least give free refills until the cheese is gone.

Not impressed.



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