Thursday, August 28, 2008

Best Atlanta Meals

Last night's dinner was highly average and not worth sharing with the world (note to the Whole Foods Fish Guy - arctic char turns out to taste nothing like trout and was a poor substitution to recommend. Turns out char tastes like salmon, which I loathe. Boo to you, fish guy!)

So instead of regaling you with a mediocre recipe, I thought I'd compile a list of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta. Sometimes I worry I'm too hard on places, but I really have found some great eats here.

In no particular order my favorite restaurant meals so far have been:
  1. Holeman and Finch. Believe the hype, everything is fricking delicious, especially the burger and fried oysters. Plus you'll see I have a weakness for restaurants with great cocktail lists. Try the root beer/absinthe combo.
  2. Shaun's. I've described my love affair with Shaun's before. See what I had to say here.
  3. JCT, specifically the Sunday Supper. It's a helluva deal and the food is all southern comfort food at it's best. especially the side dishes.
  4. Top Flr - I actually went here when I was still living in NY. It's intimate, great menu and cocktails. Try the duck pizza!
  5. Fritti - authentic Italian pizza and super laid back.
  6. Sushi Hayakawa - an authentic sushi restaurant with top notch fresh fish
  7. Taqueria del Sol - Yum, who knew bbq and tacos could be so delicious together?
  8. Pura Vida - both brunch and dinner tapas are interesting and delicious
  9. Food 101 - haven't had dinner there but lunch and brunch are delish. Bring back the patty melt!
  10. The rest - I haven't been to these in ages, so it wouldn't be fair to still say they are definitive favorites but I have previously loved Vortex burgers (blue cheese and bacon, please), The Varsity (chili dogs and a frosted orange, natch), Eclipse de Luna, Rathbun's, Blue Pointe (the scallops!) and Ecco.



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