Friday, August 8, 2008

Restaurant review: Co'm Vietnamese Grill

Ever since I vacationed in Vietnam in '06, I have loved Vietnamese food but have rarely had the chance to eat it. The boyfriend never seems Vietnamese inclined, something about how noodles never fill him up (hard to believe coming from an Italian guy!) So I was excited to finally get to try Co'm on Buford Highway yesterday. As per usual, I forgot my camera, so I've at least included a picture of me trying my hand at Vietnamese Cooking in Hanoi.

The little brother and I met up for lunch at Co'm and were pleasantly surprised with the restaurant's efforts at decor. I appreciate the dive decor of most Buford Highway spots, but it was nice to find a cool ethnic restaurant that also paid attention to style.

We started with lamb spring rolls, which were exceptional. The savory filling had incredible flavor and crunch and the dipping sauce struck just the right note of sweetness. We polished off four of these in no time flat.

I couldn't resist ordering a Vietnamese coffee because I love the thick and ultra-sweet take on coffee and couldn't get enough of the stuff while in Vietnam. Alas, this wasn't as good at Co'm as I recall from my trip. It wasn't quite as milky so the overall effect was more sugary coffee and I missed out on some of the condensed milk flavor. That said, it was still pretty good.

For entrees we both ordered Bun, which is rice vermicelli noodles served cold, with fish sauce, julienned carrots and daikon, and meat. I chose beef, while little brother tried pork. The meat had a great charred taste, and the dish balanced sweet/savory and chewy/crunchy perfectly. It was absolutely delicious and certainly something worth craving. The only drawback? I let the boyfriend have my leftovers later that evening, and we both complained that the food made the other person's breath smell. OK, so don't eat bun during a hot date unless the other person is doing so, but otherwise, I loved this place and this dish!

Pros: authentic, cheap, great food
Cons: off the beaten path, minimal ambiance

C'om Vietnamese Grill
4005 Buford Hwy NE
Atlanta, GA

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