Friday, August 22, 2008

Where do all the yummy mummies shop?

A couple weeks back, I planned an ill-fated dinner, and our friends had to cancel last minute, so I am trying the whole thing again tonight. It's even nearly the same menu this time - Neapolitan meat loaf (this time I intend to use the meat thermometer so as not to poison everyone) and sauteed spinach. The main new addition are the cupcakes I baked yesterday - cinnamon cupcakes with chile-chocolate buttercream. More on all that later...

All that said, I went shopping at the Edgewood Kroger around 2 today to pick up the ingredients. Now I know that most women are at work at that time, but I assume there are some stay-at-home moms or other assorted women who are either freelancers or people who work at night who might be free to shop during the day, too. So why was everybody at Kroger sooo dee-sgusting?!?

I generally split my shopping between Whole Foods and Kroger or Publix, so this is a store I go to pretty frequently. Not that I've ever been wowed by the crowd in there in the past, but seriously, today everyone was just beyond gross and/or incompetent. There was the middle aged man with hulk hogan ratty dyed blond hair, a tank top, and profuse body hair. And the guy who saw me buying flowers and told me that he once bought a lady flowers, and she most definitely did NOT deserve them (nursing a grudge are we?). And of course, my favorite, the employee who simply ignored 2 of 3 bags I brought with me (I love the earth, don't you?), and instead she packed EVERYTHING, including 2 bottles of wine, a gallon of milk, 2 packages of meat, etc in one bag. What would possess you to pack a bag so heavy, I can barely lift it when you have other bags to use? Not to mention both her and the cashier were just plain surly.

So seriously, where are the hot moms shopping? I may not actually have kids, but I'd like to be shopping where the kept women are, not the dregs of society. This is the good Kroger, not the scary murder mart on Ponce, so I expect better!



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