Monday, September 8, 2008

A Dirty South BBQ

Thanks to Dirty South Wine for inviting the boyfriend and I to his joint birthday party with his fellow blogger from the dearly departed Rowdy Food. I would expect a food blogger and a wine blogger to throw a rather delicious party, and I was not disappointed.

Rather than the typical bbq fare, a bag of chips and some under-seasoned burgers, this affair sported actual bbq - homemade, no less. Apparently Rowdy got himself a whole pig and prepared pulled pork.

As if that wasn't enough, the spread also included three kinds of fried chicken - the classic Southern version (pictured here, photo borrowed from DirtySouthWine), a moderately spicy version, and a set-your-mouth-ablaze Szechuan version. Like the rest of me, my mouth is rather delicate, so even the medium bird had me sweating and reaching for a cooling glass of Muscadet.

Despite my sizzling taste-buds, the bbq, green beans, mashed potatoes and fried chicken were all top-notch. I was left a greasy, stuffed silly and very happy mess.

Of course Dirty didn't skimp on the wine either. The boyfriend and I brought a rose, which quickly joined a wide variety of red, white and pink wines in bucket of ice. The boyfriend and I helped ourselves to plenty!

Often times parties at which you don't know a soul can be pretty disheartening. The boyfriend and I have been known to seclude ourselves in a corner talking only to each other if we can't figure out how to break into strangers' conversations. Fortunately this party was not one of those occasions, and everyone was truly lovely and welcoming. Thanks Dirty, Rowdy and Lady Rowdy for making us feel welcome!



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