Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eating locally

Creative Loafing has a fascinating article today about Besha Rodell's experiment with eating all local foods for a week. Check it out here.

I was doing better local eating over the summer when my weekly jaunts to the Morningside market kept me stocked with local veggies. When I'm at Whole Foods, I try to buy local produce, but the again I still want what I want and want a decent price, so the Washington apples might still win out over the Georgia ones. And the one time I bought local bacon at the farmer's market, it was bizarrely salty, and we ended up throwing it away. to be more of a locavore?

No time to write more today - the family and I are heading to Aspen's Steakhouse in the burbs for my mother's birthday. Can't say I like eating at 5:45, but then again the early bird special is pretty compelling. Off to dine with the elderly...



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