Friday, October 3, 2008

The Globe moves from my deathwatch list to dead

I dined out with friends last Saturday at the Globe and was shocked the find the restaurant virtually empty during prime-dinner hours. Our waiter claimed that the Georgia football game was to blame, but I seriously doubted that accounted for the tumbleweed blowing through the dining room. Not to mention the place is in Georgia Tech country, so shouldn't at least Yellowjackets fans be out eating?

Our food was so so. I enjoyed my black grouper dish and standard issue salad well enough, but the boyfriend found his duck's side dish too sweet and his salad all around unappealing. They were running a half priced bottle of wine deal (yet another harbinger of doom on a Saturday night), so we at least enjoyed a very cheap bottled of brachetto. When we left to any who cared to listen that this place was definitely on deathwatch.

So I was not surprised to read rumors of The Globe's imminent demise on Atlanta Cuisine earlier this week, and today an official announcement appears on Omnivore here. My friends say the Globe used to be packed, so I wonder what led to it shuttering. Guessing so-so food and fairly bland concept didn't help its cause.

Arrivederci, Globe!



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