Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quick bites: Season's 52

I headed OTP today for lunch with my mother. We headed to Season's 52, which is a small chain in GA and FL. Normally this isn't my scene, but there is nary a independently operated restaurant in sight around Perimeter Mall.

Apparently I'm the only chain naysayer in the burbs because this place is packed at lunch and required reservations. What makes this place unique is that it actually aims for its menu to be healthy but not in a diet food way.

From their site -

Every item on our seasonally inspired menu contains less than 475 calories, and each meal is nutritionally balanced to include the highest quality lean meats and seafood, good carbs and beneficial oils such as extra virgin olive oil.

My Mediterranean shrimp salad was nothing special but it was tasty enough to satisfy for lunch, and I at least got a good dose of healthy ingredients like cucumber, roasted peppers and chickpeas. The best thing going at Season's 52 is dessert. The mini-indulgence desserts are genius. They are tiny shot glass sized sweets so you get just a taste without the guilt. And at $2.5o, they feel like a bargain.

90 Perimeter Ctr W
Atlanta, GA 30346



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