Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Dish: Fried Oysters and the Piedmont Apple at Holeman & Finch

After battling it out for a table at Holeman & Finch tonight, I was rewarded with the succulent pleasure of their fried oysters. Salty and crispy and oh so addictive, they're served with a creole remoulade and friend pickles. I could eat these things all day long!

I was also pleased to see they have an all new cocktail list. Their new drink, the Piedmont Apple, is a delicious combination of sparkling sauvignon blanc, apple juice, cinnamon and bitters. It is rather small, so it goes down quickly, but this might well be one of my favorite cocktails out there. Given it's sparkling wine, it's very refreshing and not apt to make you as drunk as their other, stronger cocktails. So no guilt about ordering my second!

If you haven't been to H&F yet, you are missing out. Alas, everyone in Atlanta seems to be there, so even on a Wednesday night, there was a substantial wait. Oh well, it's worth it!



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