Monday, November 3, 2008

The Dish: Tres Leches Cake

There are some dishes that are worth highlighting above and beyond everything else at a restaurant. So I'm going to start occasionally publishing a segment called "The Dish" to discuss specific dishes that are must-haves at local restaurants. Enjoy!

Tierra is a wonderful restaurant in many ways, but one signature dish really elevates this establishment above other highly regarded restaurants. Tierra's tres leches cake is the kind of thing men would die for. Wars have been fought over stuff this good, I kid you not.
Tres Leches cake is usually good anywhere you get it, but there's just something different about this version. The cake is so unbelievably moist and dense with milky goodness that each bite offers an explosion of sweetness. I can honestly say that it might be the front runner for my death row dessert of choice. The ice cream served on the side is excellent, too, but the cake's the real star.

No meal at Tierra is complete without a slice of tres leches cake. Don't miss out!



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