Friday, January 23, 2009

I heart Quattrano and Harrison

According to John Kessler at the AJC, Abbatoir, from Bacchanalia's Quattrano and Harrison, isn't opening any time soon - see here.

So today I checked out the Star Provisions site to see more. Apparently Abbatoir will be a head to tail kind of place with on site butchering of all kinds of meats. It's not often you read something like "Abattoir will feature dishes redolent of head cheese, innards, feet and tongue." Yikes! 

I'm all for this kind of dining. In fact, I'm a huge fan of sweet breads, and newly fond of rabbit liver. That being said, anything that is redolent of innards is a bit disconcerting. It reminds me of a particular platter the boyfriend and I were served in Mendoza, Argentina. It was in fact redolent of all kinds of sizzling guts, and let me tell you it didn't sit well with us after a few gallons of malbec. 

All of that said, I look forward to the spring opening of Abbatoir as everything this pair does is great. My office had star provisions catered lunch yesterday, and I was stunned that basic sandwiches and fruit salad could be so delicious. The proscuitto sandwich, in particular, was divine! 



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