Friday, February 27, 2009

Hosea wins top chef...seriously?

Sorry I'm late to the party on this. The boyfriend was out of town and dutiful girlfriend that I am, I postponed watching the finale for his sake. Alas before I could watch, I accidentally saw a headline about Hosea winning. Wha..wha.whaaaa? Seriously the only thing interesting about that guy was that he cheated on his girlfriend on national TV (what a jerk, right?) 

I get that Top Chef says their criteria is always the meal you prepared that night and not the previous ones. But seriously, isn't that dumb? If you went to a restaurant three times and each time it was average, would you even go back from the place for a fourth meal? I know from personal experience that Stefan isn't the most charming guy to hang out with, but he won almost everything! And when he wasn't winning lately, Carla was. Carla was sabotaged by Casey...her fault for listening to someone who imploded in her own finale, but so disappointing!

Oh well, I still love Top Chef, but I am so dismayed that such an unexciting chef won. BTW, for what it's worth, I saw Jeff when I dined at the Di Lido last weekend and he's just as cute in person! Boring to watch on the show, but easy on the eyes. Hey producers - next time find more interesting chefs like Fabio!



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