Thursday, February 26, 2009

Miami restaurant review: Liberty Parilla

Nothing says Miami like a sizzling platter of meat, right? Most tourists wouldn't know Liberty Parilla even exists, and we wouldn't have either if we hadn't gotten a recommendation from a chef friend. We were in search of a cheap and tasty meal at least one night in Miami, so we were excited to find an authentic Argentine parilla with way lower than normal South Beach prices.

The location is short on atmosphere, but long on protein and authentic parilla eats. Although the restaurant sits on a somewhat dingy stretch of Washington, it's clean, modern and brightly lit, with soccer games playing on multiple TVs. From what I hear, those wearing Columbia's colors are not welcome!
I had forgotten how much I loved provoleta in Argentina until I saw it on this menu. It's a giant hunk of grilled provolone cheese, served here with tomato. Yum...sizzling cheese! That said, it's not for the faint of heart and at Liberty it is chewy enough that it takes a moment to get all that cheesy goodness down your throat.
My ever hungry boyfriend couldn't resist the ultimate meat lover's platter - parillada con papas fritas, including chorizo, sweetbreads, short ribs and flat meat - all for only $20. Appetizers at most Sobe restaurants approach that price!

I couldn't quite stomach that much meat before donning a bikini, so I stuck with the half order entrana (skirt steak) with fries. All of the meats were tasty and well prepared, not earth shatteringly delicious but pretty damn good for the price. The meat comes with a side of chimichurri, which lacked the acidic tang I prefer but still complemented the steak. Although I ordered a half, I got a whole, so it was a boatload of beef for for very little money.

Bikini be damned, I could resist the siren call of dulce de leche. Two thin crepes come wrapped around the sugary, gooey deliciousness, and topped with a scoop of ice cream and caramel. Oh good lord, I could have eaten this whole thing myself, but alas, I had to share. Seriously, dulce de leche should just come on everything. Argentines actually eat this stuff for breakfast. That is one of the many reasons I'd move there tomorrow if I could!

Pros: Dirt cheap for huge portions, authentic Argentine eats
Cons: Low on atmosphere - both decor and energy

Liberty Parilla
609 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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