Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick Bites: London's Cinnamon Club

It occurred to me today that I never got around to writing about some of the London restaurants I ate at a while back. Likely that's because they largely didn't impress me. Cinnamon Club had come highly recommended from a local friend, and I was particularly excited by the fixed price menu deal offered on

Alas it all was too good to be true. The fixed price meal was indeed a good price, but the options were ultra bland and not at all a showcase for the edgy upscale Indian cuisine they're known for. Our choices were boring fish or boring chicken for an entree. Not what I had in mind at a restaurant that has pheasant, red deer and goat on the menu.

We debated ordering off the main menu, but just an entree was more than the price of the 3-courses on the fixed menu, and it just didn't seem worth it. I finally decided on the chicken, which fortunately tasted good, but only in a ordered it from any ol' random Indian restaurant way. Not what I was expecting from a swanky London restaurant.

The decor was a bit disappointing, too. I knew going into it that it was in a library, so I was picturing dark woods, rich leather volumes lining shelves, and a cozy old world feel. Instead it was brightly lit and somewhat spare - more like my university undergrad library than something luxe.

When all was said and done, it all tasted fine, but it just wasn't anything worth remembering. In fact I can no longer remember the details of what else we had there. It was boring fruit tart with ice cream and dull cake with sorbet. The only intriguing bit was the kebab appetizer which was spicy and hearty.

Sigh...Cinnamon Club just wasn't nearly as interesting as I'd hoped. I'd take a cheap meal at Desi Spice in Atlanta over it any day.

Cinnamon Club
The Old Westminster Library,
30-32 Great Smith Street,
London SW1P 3BU

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