Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quick Bites: Revisiting The Bureau

I was excited to try the Bureau's new Shaun Doty designed menu, but alas they failed to execute on tasty sounding dishes. Although I do really like the space and wish them luck in converting a dodgy strip of Edgewood to a dining destination, 2 out of 3 times I've been there, it just hasn't been that great.

First off the place was beyond smoky for the entire time we were there. Not a few cigarettes smoky, more like "oh good lord, the place is burning down" smoky. I have no idea what had caught on fire, but seriously, it was pretty dense smoke.

I tried the hot dog, bacon wrapped with kim-chi. Weird choice, I know, but the similar dog I'd had at PDT in NY was so amazing that I had to see if lightning could strike twice. Sadly, it didn't in this case. The kim chi was too moist and made the bun soggy, and without being fried like NY's Chang Dog, there wasn't enough crispiness to counter the moisture. My tomato soup was good, but then again when is tomato soup bad?

The boyfriend tried the lamb pie, which was basically lamb stew with a pastry buiscuit of sorts. It was fine, but lacked seasoning or distinguishing flavors and tasted like any ol' stew.

It's not that I hate The Bureau, it's just that I end up disappointed because things sound tastier than they are. That said, my fingers are crossed that with a little tweaking they can bring their new menu to life, and it'll be as good as their descriptions.

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