Friday, February 27, 2009

Save our restaurants

Surprise surprise, eating out is taking a big hit in this terrible economy. Suze Orman went so far as to go on Oprah and tell people to stop eating out for a month. I'm all for pinching pennies these days, and heck I'll even agree that you shouldn't be eating out often if you're out of a job, but for the other 92.5% of us in Georgia who are employed, giving up restaurants entirely feels a bit rash.

We're trying to cook at home more, and yet there are just some nights when we don't have energy after work to go grocery shopping, and other nights we want to do something special. Are we going to have a $25 entree every time we go out? Of course not -- downscale eating on Buford Highway or a pizza from Fritti won't set us back a bundle and will shave hours off our shopping and prep time. Not a bad deal in my mind. Especially given my elaborate recipe making often costs as much if not more than eating out would. Have you seen the prices they charge for ground lamb? A life of just chicken and ground beef just ain't worth living! With all the great deals restaurants are offering at the moment, now is a great time to try out a fancy restaurant on the cheap.

With restaurants going out of business left and right (say bye bye to Taurus, The Depot, Allegro and The Grape), I feel good about supporting local businesses when I can.  To remind you of just how fun eating out still is, normally competing restaurants have come together to run an ad in the AJC.

I hate to imagine an Atlanta that loses all of it's unique, chef-driven, neighborhood restaurants. You know the Cheesecake Factory's of the world will survive, so don't you want to do you part in protecting your favorite places? I hate the thought of looking around a year from now and seeing only a sea of chains!



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