Thursday, February 5, 2009

Top Chef Season 6 Casting in Atlanta

I love Top Chef. The scenarios they set up are ridiculous and likely bare little resemblance to anything that a chef would ever face - cook dinner for a family of 5 for $20 using only a jar of mustard, 3 sardines and (*gratuitous product placement*) Kraft cheese...all in 10 minutes!

That being said, it's just damn fun to watch. Although this season's contestants haven't been all that exciting - Stefan is in theory the bad guy but they don't do enough to show why everyone else hates him. He's no Marcel or Lisa (the Gorgon) Fernandes. Even worse, one of the only good looking people, Jeff, has been kicked off, and he was pretty boring to begin with.

The show is made more fun by the fact that I vaguely know Stefan, and he once cooked at my apartment for me and friends. My recollection is that he was kind of unpleasant and intense back then, so I can guess why everyone hates him, but still I want to see the fireworks, preferably with a heavy dose of swearing or chair throwing. And yet, I'm rooting for him because he seems to be the only one who can consistently cook well.

I heard a rumor last night that Top Chef Season 6 will take place in Atlanta. That seems to be too good to be true, and I can't find any gossip online about it. Anyone know where the next Top Chef will be? I'd love to have Atlanta showcased, and even better if I could run into the frantic chefs at my local Whole Foods!

So if you think you have what it takes to make the show more exciting next season, Atlanta auditions are taking place at Chef Tom's Atlanta outpost, Craft.

Top Chef Season 6 Are you a big deal? Do you have what it takes to be the next Top Chef? Do you KNOW you could mop the floor with the chefs on Bravo's smash hit competition series? Well, this may be your chance to make it happen! We are now casting for Top Chef Season 6! We're looking for chefs with a passion for food, creativity, a knowledge of cooking techniques and trends and oodles of charisma. We want to be impressed. To apply, go to and complete and application and send the following:

A recent, clear photo of yourself.

A 3-5 minute audition video-tape. Have someone else videotape you; cook us something; we want you to impress us in a (preferably professional) kitchen; show us your knife skills, your plating skills, the use of certain ingredients that makes you stand out, and prove that you've got the chops to compete and win. Remember since we can't taste your creation, the more visual the better. Also, share a slice of your life with us, tell a story, do something that shows us your personality. And do all of that in no more than five minutes.

Your resume.

Mail the above four elements to:

Magical Elves
Top Chef - Cycle 6
P.O. Box # 13005

Los Angeles, CA

All applications must be submitted by March 20th, 2009*, but the sooner you send it the better!

*Magical Elves reserves the right to extend the application deadline in their sole discretion.

Sunday, February 22,
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Craft Restaurant



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