Friday, March 27, 2009

Atlanta Restaurant News: 30 Tables to open in the Glenn Hotel

I'd been hearing for weeks that Concentrics (the people behind places like Parish and Two Urban Licks) was going to take over the former Maxim Prime space at the Glenn Hotel. Now it's official - 30 Tables will launch sometime in April and will serve American Contemporary Cuisine.

The boyfriend works down in that area, now quaintly called Luckie Marietta (sounds more charming than downtown, no?), and I have to say that I cannot imagine a scenario in which I'd drive downtown in the evening for dinner. Parking is a drag, and it's a bit shady on some streets. That said, I'm open to changing my mind. With the new W and places like Fab locating downtown maybe downtown will become worth visiting after work hours.

Here's the scoop:

Concentrics Restaurants, in partnership with Gemstone Hotels & Resorts and Legacy Property Group, will soon debut 30 Tables. Located in the Glenn Hotel, the restaurant will present American Contemporary Cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as manage room service for hotel guests. The planning efforts for the street-level restaurant space are well underway, and the restaurant’s official launch is scheduled for late April 2009. In the meantime, the Glenn’s upstairs meeting space will serve as an interim dining room, serving a limited menu for all meal periods, ensuring that dining service for hotel guests and outside diners will not be interrupted.

30 Tables will be Concentrics’ second restaurant in the Luckie Marietta District, which has sprung from the streets to revitalize and connect an in-town urban experience with easy, accessible entertainment, hotel and dining offerings to fit all tastes and within walking distance...

Acclaimed design and architecture firm ASD will adorn the restaurant with rich wood, leather and earth tones. The space will be comprised of 30 tables for diners to savor classic American fare tinged with unique, seasonal ingredients and bold, yet familiar, flavors. At 30 Tables, Chef Daniel Chance, formerly of TWO urban licks, will shed light on how simplicity can lead to the spectacular. The restaurant will seat approximately 100 people, while the second floor will offer a private event and meeting space. Concentrics Restaurants is also revamping the Glenn’s signature rooftop space, named 11 Stories, which is slated to relaunch in April, as well.



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