Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Dish: Yucca fries at David's Cafe

No trip to Miami is complete without Cuban food. That said, our trips to Puerto Sagua and David's Cafe were both so so. Enjoyable for sure, but in my opinion a Cuban Sandwich and Ropa Vieja can only be so good. That said, there was one stand-out aspect of our two Cuban meals - the yuca fries at David's.

Good sweet lord, how is it possible for something so starchy and fried to literally melt in your mouth? Seriously, these things were somehow simultaneously crispy and creamy. These little gems were so good that even their center-of-the-earth heat level couldn't stop us. Burnt mouths be damned, I was addicted!

Puerto Sagua
700 Collins Ave.
Miami, FL

David's Cafe
1058 Collins Ave.
Miami, FL



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