Monday, March 2, 2009

Epicurious adds shopping lists

I struggle to plan my week's meals in advance, which means I end up ordering in by mid-week because I have no groceries left and don't feel like shopping after work, which in turn makes it harder to eat healthy. Nothing to eat after work= pizza ordered in. 

I keep trying to plan for the week's meals on Sunday, but often I only plan for a meal or two and still end up high and dry by Wednesday. One of the most challenging things about menu planning is shopping for all of the things you need. I end up walking around the store with three recipes printed in my hands, which makes for a lot of walking around in circles.

So I was thrilled to see that Epicurious has launched a new shopping list application. You can take the recipes you want to make and save them to a folder in your recipe box. Then you can print a shopping list for the entire folder. There are still some bugs in the program - for example, although they promise to combine ingredients (2 cloves of garlic for one recipe plus a tablespoon of garlic from another), they still don't actually do that. In my case, garlic showed up over and over on my list, so I had to do the mental addition myself. Despite that, it's still handy to have all of the ingredients separated by grocery store aisle, so I can see all in one place.

Of course I made some last minute updates once I saw what they had at the store (skipped making pineapple salsa in favor of just buying Whole Food's pre-made version), but I found this so helpful, and I'm looking forward to a week of cooking in for a change.

We're eating in 3 nights this week and packing lunch at least a couple of times, so here's our menu plan:

LunchTurkey paisano sandwiches with fig and olive vinegarette

Dinner 1:
Cilantro chipotle tilapia with Mexican pineapple salsa
Mexican chopped salad with honey lime dressing

Dinner 2:
Crispy black bean tacos with feta and cabbage slaw
Mexican corn

Dinner 3:
Greek lamb burgers with arugula, tomatoes and feta
Artichokes with garlic, olive oil and parsley

The shopping list wasn't perfect, but at least it's much easier to shop with your list printed together and in order. I know other sites do similar things, but they require you to tell them what you need. Epicurious has zillions of recipes and can put it together - it's a easy peasy!



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