Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another giveaway! Try McDonald's McCafe for free

When it rains it pours...another giveaway coming your way today! (Results from the last one will be announced later today, too!)

You may have heard that McDonald's is upping its coffee game with the new McCafe line of products that include iced and hot lattes, mochas and cappuccinos. Can't say that I'm a big McD's customer, but I can see the wisdom in downgrading from a $5 Starbucks latte to a more wallet friendly Mickey D's version.

A million years ago I spent a summer selling Folger's Coffee for Procter & Gamble. One of the most interesting things I learned is that the average American really does like their coffee pretty mild, and it's only been Starbucks's marketing genius that has convinced people that they like more intense brews. That said, I can imagine that in a blind taste test, McCafe might actually perform far better than fast food haters would expect.

Want to try it for yourself? I've got coupon packs to try the whole lineup of McCafe coffees. Write me and tell me where you get your favorite brew right now, and I'll send you McCafe freebies! Don't forget to include your mailing address in the email.

There are currently 100 local McDonald's already serving the new McCafe products. Here are a few intown ones where you can find it:

526 Ponce de Leon Avenue
2210 North Druid Hills Road
80 Butler Street
4010 Peachtree Road
4334 Fulton Industrial Boulevard
2091 Metropolitan Parkway
443 Moreland Avenue
5710 Fulton Industrial Boulevard
2350 Cheshire Bridge Road
2881 Clairmont Road
3534 MLK Jr. Drive
201 Camp Creek Parkway



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