Wednesday, April 29, 2009

California Dreaming: Dining in Wine Country

My hubby-to-be and I are off to Sonoma this weekend to scout out a wedding location. We couldn't head westward without arranging for some primo dining, so after all the wedding appointments were booked, I tracked down some awesome options. We'll be checking out Ubuntu on Saturday, which is vegetarian restaurant getting tons of buzz. I am no fan of tofu, so I was thrilled to hear it doesn't even appear on their menu. Any place the NY Times' Frank Bruni raves about is AOK in my book, so I'm willing to forgo my carnivorous ways for one night.

Even more exciting we're scoping out Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc on Sunday. We tried French Laundry last time we were out there, and as you'd expect, it was amazing. Ad Hoc is blessedly far less expensive, and rather than the zillion courses you get at FL, includes only simple 4 course meal each night. Keller is a culinary whiz, at any number of courses, so I can't wait to give it a try!

More on all the good eatin' and drinkin' next week!



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