Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Timing is everything: The Shed at Glenwood revisted

Way back when Adventurous Tastes was just a wee little blog, I wrote a rather lukewarm review of The Shed at Glenwood. I had no inclination to rush back, but recently I heard that the chef had changed since I'd last visited. I like to support restaurants in developing neighborhoods, so I decided to give it another go.

What a difference a year makes! Last go 'round, I heard way too much about the menu from my over eager waiter. Farm-to-table is great, but I prefer it without a big dose of self-importance. Fortunately this time our waiter was low-key - told us what we needed to know and no more. Like last time, service was still a bit slow, but I suspect that was a kitchen issue and not his fault.

Our food was much more consistent this time, too. We started with fois gras, and were oh so pleased by the triumvirate of unbelievably cream fois, crispy charred bread and sweet jam. Hard to go wrong with such a combo!

My housemade pork sausage ravioli was hearty without being heavy with a flavorful tomato sauce, and Mr. AT's pork should was super tender but perhaps not quite as well seasoned as it could have been. Alas, neither dish was a knock-out, but considering the reasonable prices, it was an enjoyable meal and definitely worth a return visit.

For dessert we shared The Shed's take on a s'more - creamy chocolate topped with toasted marshmallow. They also served up a tall glass of ice cold milk - why don't more restaurants think of that? I loved the unusual consistency of the marshmallow topping, a nice change from same old same old cake.

Overall, the Shed at Glenwood is much improved, and I think it's a gem in a still developing neighborhood. With the menu constantly evolving to make use of the best of seasonal produce, you won't likely find all of these dishes when you visit. I look forward to seeing what Gummere whips up next!

PS, check out the chef bio. Is he a hunk or what?

The Shed at Glenwood
475 Bill Kennedy Way
Atlanta, GA 30316


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