Monday, May 18, 2009

Dining Event: P'Cheen's new Monday night BBQ menu

P'Cheen is the closest restaurant to my place, and yet we rarely eat there (seriously, can't they just do something about that weird cleaning fluid smell?) But last Monday I simply couldn't bare the idea of cooking dinner after work.

I had just that day gotten a message in my inbox saying, P'Cheen has launched Mike's Bone-Lick BBQ Monday Menu. Good timing, right? Fortunately we snagged outside seating, too, so I could avoided the cave-like interior and the aforementioned smell.

Turns out their BBQ is pretty darn good. I tried the pulled pork plate with South Carolina mustard sauce - the meat was succulent and the sauce was nice 'n tangy, just how I like it!


Smoked Trout Nachos, Jalapeno, Smoked Tomato Salsa, Cheese & Chipotle Sour Cream—9
Pulled Pork Sliders, Slaw & Pickles 3 for 7
Big Ass Basket of Pommes Frites—4
Smoked Jumbo Wings, Pepper Vinegar Sauce—8
“How Much for Just One Rib?”—3
Mixed Green Salad—7

Grilled Angus & Portobello Hamburger, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Choice of Side—11
Pulled Pork Sandwich, Slaw & Pickles, Choice of Side—8
BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Chipotle Aioli, Side—9

Half Rack Baby Back Ribs, 2 Sides—16
Pulled Pork Platter, 2 Sides—12
Chipotle Rubbed Smoked Chicken, 2 Sides—14
Any 2 Meats + 2 Sides—16
Any 3 Meats + 2 Sides—20
Guinness Beer Battered Fish-n-Chips, Homemade Tartar Sauce—12
Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli, Tomato Coulis, Crispy Onions, Parmesan—12

Pork Braised Collards, Jalapeno Mac-n-Cheese, Cider Slaw, Frites, Bacon-Jalapeno Corn Bread

Pepper Vinegar, SC Mustard, NC Vinegar, KC Thick-n-Sweet



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