Friday, June 19, 2009

Food 101 becomes Rosebud

I just ate brunch at Food 101 recently and as per usual thought it was great. Wouldn't have guessed that in fact the chef has recently bought it, and as of July 6, it will become Rosebud instead of Food 101. Apparently the food is staying largely the same (yum, same great southern-influenced farm to table as before!) as are the staff. The biggest obvious change will be the decor, and even that sounds pretty subtle. I'm checking it out next week...will keep you posted!

In the meantime, if you go, don't miss their burger. It is unexpectedly amazing. They used to have a kobe beef patty melt to die for on their brunch menu, but that hasn't been on the menu since last year (bring it back pretty please!) Suffice it to stay a kobe beef burger minus the melt is still delicious. Juicy, flavorful, perfectly cooked...well played Food 101/Rosebud!



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