Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nominate Atlanta's Hottest Chefs!

OMG, I love this article. I mentioned before that Food Network is like porn for old ladies, but apparently the sex appeal of chefs extends much further than that. It's true that the hunky looks of Top Chefs like Sam Talbot and Fabio Viviani have kept them around the public arena even after the Top Chef cameras stopped rolling. Crushing extends to the straight fellas, too - two men close to me (names withheld to protect the easily embarrassed) happen to crush on Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert. Who wouldn't?

Savoring a delicious meal is such a sensual experience that it's no surprise that we have the hots for chefs. They're not just titillating our palettes!
Why should TV chefs have all the fun? Surely we've got some local chefs who light a fire outside of the kitchen, too! I've already mentioned the yummy factor of Shed at Glenwood's Lance Gummere, so I'll throw his name into contention. Who else? Submit nominations for Atlanta's hottest male or female chefs (and photos if you've got 'em!) by July 10 to, and I'll publish an article about Atlanta's Hottest Chefs thereafter!

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