Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Restaurant Review: Cottage Ethopian

Mr. AT and I have been curious about Cottage Ethiopian for ages. It first caught our attention because it is so clearly in an old Burger King space and has made virtually no effort to hide that fact. I guess you don't go to Ethopian for the atmosphere typically, but still, it's a strange sight to see.

The next thing we noticed is that there are consistently tons of taxis parked outside. Seriously, entire flocks of cabs besiege Cottage. so it must be good right? There is definitely a school of thought that says to find where the authentic ethnic eats are, just ask a cabbie. So finally after a year of discussion, we decided to check it out.

I always enjoy Ethiopian. The squishy injera is fun to eat - and you don't get to say that too often. I always order the same thing, a combination plate of meat and veggie. It all comes out on a big platter, and I begin scooping. Honestly, I never even know what all of it is. There's the yellow veggie thing and the green veggie thing, and the slightly cinnamon tinged brown stuff. But still it's all really tasty and reminds me vaguely of beef stew.

Cottage isn't much different. Unlike most places, they do give you a choice of what goes into your combo, which I actually found a little tricky since I am not sure what my favorite dishes are called. In the end we guess right. Turns out the yellow veggies were ater kik (yellow split peas), and the green veggies were alecha miser wot (whole lentils simmered in mild sauce), and that brown stuff was yebeg key wot, a spicy lamb dish.

All in all, the decor was just as charmless as most Ethiopian (and Burger King's!) are, but the food was exactly what I expect from Ethiopian. Injera has an unfortunate stomach expanding affect, so I couldn't even come close to finishing my half of our combination platter, but I'd definitely go back for hearty Ethiopian fair and an evening of eating with my hands.

Pros: Exactly what you expect from Ethiopian - hearty fare and deliciously spiced veggies and meats
Cons: Low on atmosphere

Cottage Ethoiopian
1841 Piedmont Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30324

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