Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wedding Eats: Cake Tasting

Months ago when visions of a vineyard wedding still danced in my head, Mr. AT and I went to a cake tasting at Santa Rosa's popular wedding baker Fleur de Lisa. She makes truly beautiful cakes, however my vision was for a more rough iced, Grandma-madeit kind of cake. If the rest of my wedding is going to be all about rustic chic, then a frou frou cake just doesn't make sense. Plus all that fondant and decoration just doesn't taste good, and I'm a gal all about taste, right?


The good news is Fleur de Lisa's cakes do taste quite good. No better than the kinds of cakes you get at most places, though, and doesn't all cake taste pretty good? We of course scarfted down every bite, regardless. We sampled an entire platter of Fleur de Lisa treats, including a spice cake, variations on chocolate, and a couple of fruit filled white cakes. In the end, we settled on chocolate/raspberry or chocolate/strawberry as our favorites. But at a minimum $7 a slice were they worth it? We left unsure. $7 seems like a lot for a slice of cake that looks like very good homemade cake and tastes about the same. If we were getting her high design decorations perhaps, but it felt like one of many wedding ripoffs.

Fleur de Lisa eventually got ruled out not because of her cakes or her prices at all but because of her location. Wine country simply proved to complex and expensive to plan a wedding in from Atlanta so we chose Serenbe for our big day. For those who don't know it - Serenbe is a gorgeous little southern village newly developed south of the Atlanta airport in Palmetto, GA. There is a gorgeous inn, cute cottages, organic gardens/farms, and great food - rustic elegance in our own backyard!

So what kind of dessert to serve then? Our latest plan is to ditch the traditional cake entirely and serve pies. There's something so entirely adorable about serving a variety of pies on a long wooden table. It's so very backyard picnic and refreshingly unexpected. Current thinking is chocolate cream pie or red velvet cake, pecan pie and an apple or pear tart. Seasonal and yummy for November nuptials!




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