Thursday, July 30, 2009

Downtown Restaurant Week

It's that time again...

Downtown Restaurant Week started on July 27 and runs until Aug. 9. Old standbys and sexy new restos alike are offering 3-course dinners for just $25. Now that's recession-proof dining!

Granted some restaurants trot out their worst dishes for this, which never makes any sense to me, but most provide the highlights of their menu at that low price. A message to all you slacker restaurants - this is not the time to sell your bland, cheap stuff - let us feel like we're actually getting a deal by serving us something we want. I hate it when the restaurant week menu offers dishes that aren't even normally on the menu. That is so not the point!

I did a quick scoping of these menus and some really caught my eye:

  • Ruth's Chris, Morton's, and BLT Steak all have delicious cuts of meat on offer
  • French American Brasserie showcases their divine onion soup and has steak, skate wing and duck confit (yum, yum and more yum)
  • 30 Tables and Atlanta Grill's short ribs.
  • Social's Moroccan Style Cornish Hen
Can you tell I'm in the mood for some hearty food? These dishes all sound like the kind you'd normally pay $25 alone, so getting an app and dessert for that price is pretty exciting for all of us bargain hunters.

Don't forget - The Adventurous Taste's Atlanta's Hottest Chef 2009 Party is on Wednesday, Aug. 5 at 7 pm at French American Brasserie. Go earlier or stay later to enjoy their $25 three course offering!

French American Brasserie
30 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30308



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