Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Bites: Greenwood's on Green St.

My dad's recent birthday sent me on a quest to track down interesting non-chain dining in the burbs, Roswell to be exact. Fortunately the actual little town of Roswell is actually very cute and quaint with little art galleries and ladies who lunch restaurants with street side patios. Dad isn't a dainty chicken salad sandwich kind of guy so I had to find something a bit heartier, and his eyes would bug out of his head at the prices I routinely pay for food so a place filled with $28 entrees wouldn't fly either. Enter Greenwood's to save the day.

Greenwood's on Green St. is a quirky combination of bric-a-brac (the kind a former hippy grandma will one day clutter her home with) and southern style farm-to-table cooking. Stick to your ribs Southern staples like fried chicken and broccoli casserole are there but so are perfectly grilled light fish dishes paired only with lemon butter and specials paying homage to summer's bounty of heirloom tomatoes.

Ever waistline conscious these days (sigh, weddings are stressful!) we all opted for healthier fish dishes, which were impressively tasty for such simple preparations. Reading now after the fact, I hear the broccoli casserole is amazing, but sadly I missed out on it.

Alas despite our best intentions, we couldn't resist the siren call of their extensive pie list. So we opted to share a slice of cherry pie. I've been addicted to cherries lately so I was pretty excited to try it, but we were dismayed that there was just something amiss with the filling. Something a bit too syrupy about it that made it not seem not as farm-fresh as I'd hoped for.

Nevertheless, I was impressed that something so unique actually exists in the land of mini-malls and chain restaurants. Post-wedding fueled health-kick, I'll return to Greenwood's for some fried chicken, broccoli casserole, and I'll try a non-syrupy pie like the coconut cream. Yum!

Greenwood's on Green St.
1087 Green St
Roswell, GA

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