Monday, July 13, 2009

The Shed at Glenwood's Summer Menu

The people at The Shed at Glenwood have been quite kind to me, most recently by inviting me to sample some of their summer menu items at a media dinner.

Granted the dinner itself had some bumps (next time I hope they serve enough food for everyone to actually get to taste it- it's heart breaking to know there were 3 different kinds of sliders on the menu and yet only a bite of the last remaining chicken slider passed my lips. Never forget media types are hungry and not prone to sharing!). Regardless, Chef Gummere and owner Cindy Shera were friendly and gracious as always, and there were several standout dishes during the night.

The meal started out with a major hit....creamy, decadent fois gras sweetened with the bright bursting flavors of blueberry jam...followed by the crunch of perfectly toasted country bread....what more could I ask for in an appetizer? The Shed at Glenwood's fois gras torchon is like dessert, entree and appetizer all rolled into one - it's sizable without overfilling you. It's simultaneously sweet, earthy, creamy and crunchy. It's quite simply heaven.

The roasted beet salad, which I wrote about last year, continues to be a beautiful homage to sweet, juicy beets. The preparation is simple so as to let the delectable little roots shine. Similarly the watermelon salad with feta, mint and balsamic is a perfect little slice of summer, with the juicy melons contrasting oh so deliciously with the salty feta.

I'm a big fan of moules frites but often find the mussels to be lacking. Nothing ruins a bistro classic faster than anemic little mussels. Fortunately The Shed's were plump and succulent, and the truffle fries (once I coaxed our table mates to share the basket) were also appealingly salty and crisp although not particularly strongly flavored with truffle, and they were excellent for dipping in the white wine, garlic and cream broth.

My last favorite of the night was the ribeye served with crab and sunchokes. The meat was tender and just as rare and juicy as I like it. I rarely get to eat sunchokes, and after this dish, I wish everyone would take advantage of these hearty little veggies. I had a past bad experience with overcooked meat at The Shed at Glenwood, but clearly those problems are long gone because this was one impressively delicious steak.

All in all, things just keep getting better and better at the Shed at Glenwood. Next up I hope to check out their Wednesday night slider night. Although there weren't enough sliders to go around the night I was there, I could at least see they were pretty darn big for $3, so I'm all about making a meal out of a couple of them sometime soon!



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