Monday, August 31, 2009

The Dish: Stella Trattoria's Rustica Omelet

Brunch is always a tough meal for me. The sweet dishes, like pancakes and waffles are good for a couple bites, but I don't want a whole plate of dessert for breakfast (well I do, but...)

Pretty much everything else on a breakfast/brunch menu is egg based, and I just find eggs so very uninspiring.

My visit to Stella in Grant Park didn't start out well. I went in search of the fig pizza I'd heard about, but was told they weren't serving it until dinner. I say if you have figs and pizza dough back in the kitchen, why make a gal wait?

So I begrudgingly settled for an omelet, the Rustica to be exact. With sausage, onions and mushrooms, I figured it would be a passable breakfast option but a far cry from delectably figgy pizza goodness. Whoa...turns out I was wrong, and Stella makes a helluva omelet! The key seems to be the pomodoro. It turned the whole thing into a flavorful Italian delight. Blah eggs completely masked, problem solved. Why oh why don't more places put tomato sauce on omelets? Even better the side fruit salad wasn't the usual melon with one strawberry cop out. Stella may be a little stingy on the ol' fig pizza, but they definitely merit a return brunch visit!



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