Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adventurous Tastes Party Recap

Hurray, Adventurous Tastes' first ever party, to celebrate Chef Stephen Sharp's winning the title of Atlanta's Hottest Chef 2009, was a success! The weather held off, a very cool crowd came out, and much great food/wine/conversation was had. My kind of night! Peach Buzz called "Hottest Chef" a dubious honor, but in my opinion, being called hot is always a good thing (you are lying if you say you wouldn't want to be considered hot!) and all publicity is good publicity when it comes to restaurants in this economy. If oglers become diners, all the better for everyone involved, right?

Atlanta's Hottest Chef 2009 Stephen Sharp takes a break from dishing up hors d'oeuvres to pose for photos

Turns out Chef Stephen Sharp is not only a "hot" chef, but he's also a genuinely down-to-earth, friendlier than you might expect kind of guy. And oh yeah - he cooks like nobody's business, too. That's what I learned last night at the first ever Adventurous Tastes party, co-hosted by the lovely Cindy and Fabrice at FAB.

Party-goers enjoying an evening cocktail

We took advantage of the thunderstorm free weather to enjoy the beautiful rooftop deck at FAB. Over and over again last night I heard people exclaim that they had no idea such a lovely space existed. Go figure, most Atlantans don't think of downtown having much to offer, but with the Aquarium, the W (including Drinkshop and BLT Steak) and French American Brasserie all lining just Ivan Allen, you've got some pretty good options in that neck of the woods.

Adventurous Tastes greets people as they enter the party (sign courtesy of the talented Mary Campbell)

Jon from A is for Atlanta, Jaci from Dear Jac, my party inspiration Shayne from Hip and Savvy, fellow food blogger FoodNearSnellville, and Angela from Atlanta Community Food Bank joined me and other Atlanta foodies in toasting Chef Sharp's win.

Party-goers enjoy FAB's beautiful roof deck

Unlike many a cocky chef I've encountered, Chef Sharp is about as low key as it gets, and he actually served up the evening's appetizers himself. Not content with just resting on his hunky laurels, he dished up scrumptious bacon lollipops (bacon + sugar = heaven), salmon croque monsieurs, and shrimp spring rolls and chatted up the crowd.

Now that I've got the entertaining bug, I might have to look for some more excuses to host events. For now I'm contended with the knowledge that we all had a lot of fun, and a very deserving chef got some attention. Alas, I was off at 8 am this morning for a business trip - mental note parties before 6:30 am wake up calls present a challenge. Oh well, it was worth the extra bags under my eyes...

Don't miss the last couple days of Downtown Restaurant Week - go while you can!



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