Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The joys of Lambrusco

Mr. AT and I love a good picnic. There's just something about dining al fresco that fills me with joie de vivre. Alas, Atlanta is too damned hot in summer, so I'm counting the days until just enough fall chill takes hold that I can eat outside without melting. Sweating profusely definitely reduces my joie de vivre!

When I do venture out into the heat, what do I drink? Lambrusco of course! When we mention to people that it's our favorite summer wine, they often look at us blankly for it's still somewhat unknown. Not for long though - the NY Times wrote about it this week, running the headline "Lambrusco=Summer." The more common red is fizzy and lightly sweet and served chilled. The perfect light drink to cut through hot weather and hearty meats. Hello perfect bbq beverage!

We love the white version, too, which is harder to find, but we've had good luck at Trader Joe's (which carries their own oh so cheap version of it) and Ansley Kroger.

It's low in alcohol and goes down like juice so bottles never last us long. Boones Farm it ain't though - according to the NY Times it's started showing up on legit wine lists around that city, so hopefully Atlanta isn't far behind.

Photo credit: Michael Falco for The New York Times



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