Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Michael Pollan's Out of the Kitchen and Onto the Couch

Fascinating Michael Pollan article on the our changing cooking behaviors. Really interesting to think about the drivers of why we love watching food be prepared - it gives you a whole new perspective on the chef as celebrity trend and the glut of food related shows on TV. It also makes me sad to think about the downward trend in cooking at home - which means we're losing skills passed down from generations at the same time as we're gaining pounds from packaged foods and heavy restaurant meals.

Here's hoping that the popularity of cooking as entertainment and other nostalgic trends in reaction to the recession lead to a resurgent interest in cooking. We never thought about cooking much in my home when I was a kid. My mother cooked for us, but I don't recall any real family ritual around it, and as a child I had no interest in helping out in the kitchen.

Now that we're all older and more passionate about our meals, we actually spend much more time in the kitchen constructing elaborate family meals. I look forward to a chance to pass those experiences and recipes down to my children one day, and I hope others are doing the same.



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