Friday, August 21, 2009

This one is for the dogs

My beloved Labradoodle, Stella, turned 1 this week. Because I love my little pooch so much I can hardly believe it sometimes, I can't let the day go by uncelebrated. That's why this weekend we're throwing a doggy birthday party. Yes, it's really just an excuse for us to cookout, but little Stella will get to party with her friends, too, and by party I mean swimming, running around in circles and a little friendly humping.

No dog party would be complete without some homemade dog treats. Here's what I've got in mind:

Frozen Dog Treats:
Blend a couple of spoons of peanut butter with mashed banana, add a spoonful of honey and mix in about a half cup of water to make a better freezing consistency. For optional extra crunch, throw in a few unsalted peanuts.


Peanut Butter Yogurt Swirl

32 oz plain yogurt (low of non fat)
1 cup natural peanut butter


Divide yogurt evenly into each cup of a 6 muffin cup pan.
Pour peanut butter into a small bowl.
Place a spoonful of the peanut butter mixture on top of each muffin cup.
Using a toothpick, gently stir or swirl the peanut butter with the yogurt.
Freeze until solid.

For the humans, I'm still working out a plan, but I'm thinking of using my mom's famous burgers served with my favorite pimento cheese and Patak's hot dogs with my fave chutney.

And for cream sandwiches!



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