Monday, September 28, 2009

The Farmhouse at Serenbe

Mr. AT and I took a trip down to Serenbe this past weekend to scope out the place one more time before our wedding. It was the perfect excuse to try brunch at the Farmhouse. I didn't even think to check out the menu in advance, so I lucked out that it was fried chicken Sunday - yum!

The supreme of chicken was crispy, salty and moist. Plus it was a pleasantly restrained portion that was filling without being gluttonous. The accompanying grit souffle was cheesy and much more compelling to me than regular grits are.

The Inn at Serenbe couldn't be more beautiful - it's bucolic with lush wildflowers, green fields, and a charming bevy of farm animals (eey eye eey eye oh!), and the restaurant itself is country charming without being folksy. What a delightful place to while away a Sunday afternoon - all just a mere 45 minutes from the city.

And what could be better post fried chicken than a good jump on a trampoline? Yep, there's an in-ground trampoline right behind the lawn where we'll be saying our vows, and I spent a few blissed out minutes reconnecting with my inner 10 year old on it. What a great way to burn off fried food calories!



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