Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Top Chef: Kessler comments on Chef Eli Kirshtein's hair

Most of what the AJC's John Kessler has to say about Top Chef's Eli Kirshtein is pretty complimentary, but seriously, ouch...

Apologies, Eli! But there is something about your “Top Chef” publicity photo that brings to mind “The Little Mermaid”’s Ursula... Short in stature and a little pudgy, with the requisite mousse-disaster hairdo and hipster glasses...

I'm hoping Eli (an Adventurous Tastes friend) starts showing up for more than just witty quips on Top Chef. I'm rooting for both remaining Atlantans to stick around until the end. And although the spiky hair is definitely reminiscent of his mentor, Richard Blais, and yes, maybe even Ursula, at least Eli isn't covered in piercings and tattoos like most of the rest of the cast. Where's a Sam Talbot or Fabio when you need them?

Read the rest of Kessler's post here.



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