Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shed at Glenwood Brunch

It's not big newsflash that I'm big fan of The Shed at Glenwood. It's exactly the kind of place every neighborhood needs - great local food, friendly atmosphere, and a frequently changing menu to keep things interesting. If you sign up for their mailing list, you'll see they have a variety of themed evenings such as a veggie night and slider Wednesdays. Yesterday morning I got an email saying today would be buy one get one free brunch. I just so happened to be looking for a brunch option for a gal pal and myself, so perfect, right?

I typically thing egg dishes are pretty boring. Most restaurants just phone in brunch. Throw some uninspired omelets, eggs benedict and french toast on a menu, and you've got the same old same old brunch you can find at so many places. But at the Shed, both Cindy Shera and Chef Gummere were there, so at least you know you've got the A-team on hand.

At first glance, The Shed's menu is definitely different than the typical borefest. It's pork heavy for a start (always a good thing in my book), and it had more than one dish that piqued my interest. Hmm...pork belly fritatta or fried egg sandwich? I went with the former and wasn't disappointed. The generous helping of pork belly was tender and flavorful and not as fatty as I worried it might be. Even better, the potatoes, which I feared would just be a starchy and bland addition to the fritatta actually had a beautiful orange yellow color and a sweet taste. I rarely finish an egg dish, and this one I had to force myself not to scarf down every bite.

And best of all Atlanta's Hottest Chef runner up and all round charmer, Chef Lance Gummere offered to walk me to my car when it started pouring for the zillionth time. Now that's service!



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