Monday, September 7, 2009

Tacos at Hidigers'

The adorable and multi-talented Hidiger's have done it again. Their Labor Day fundraiser brought together great food and live bands to support their dreams of opening Staplehouse, a neighborhood restaurant. They put on quite an event, and even went so far as to take down a fence to open the party to a neighbor's yard. Now that's what I call dedication to throwing a good party!
They set up three food stations, roasted pig, chicken pozole and steak tacos al carbon, that party goers could indulge in while listening to local bands play. I was glad that the music wasn't so loud as to interfere with the noshing and chit chatting. Starving upon arrival, we made a beeline for the pork which was oh so tender and made for a delicious start to the day once topped with some guacamole and cotija cheese. The poor pig looked rather squashed in the metal contraption they cooked it in, but he was tasty nonetheless.
Of course a Labor Day party wouldn't be complete with out some cold adult beverages, and their sangria hit the spot. After last weekend's wedding bacchanal complete with a killer day- after hangover, I swore I wouldn't drink more than three drinks in a day EVER AGAIN, so I kept myself to just two, but my oh my did they ever go down easy.
Next up were some delectable tacos with incredibly flavorful beef and the same general fixings. Went back for seconds, too, because one just wasn't enough. I skipped the pozole because I'm just not a hominy kind of gal, but Mr. AT seemed to enjoy it down the the last drop.

Mr. AT and I ran into two other food-loving couples we'd met at previous dining events, so we happily whiled away the afternoon eating and chatting. I love that the Hidiger's are building their reputation in such a grassroots way, and all the better that they throw a helluva party!



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