Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eating for less

So the good news is Mr. AT and I are contemplating buying our first house. The bad news? We have to cut back dramatically on our spending to make it work. Turns out all of our frequent dining out and traveling is expensive, which is not conducive to affording a lovely new home. I keep thinking that I don't splash out too much, but my credit cards tell another tale.

I took a hard look at our credit card bills and found that in a frugal month we ate out 8 times (and that's not counting work day lunches) and in a month when we traveled, that number looked more like (gasp!) 21. Holy moly, how did we eat out 21 times in a month?!?

So if Mr. AT and I want to upgrade our home, we're going to have to find ways to cut back on the ol' dining bills. What does that mean for Adventurous Tastes? Expect more at home cooking and recipes and more exploration of Atlanta's finest cheap eats. Alas, it means I'll have to scale back my taste testing of the hottest new restaurants, but it's great incentive to find the hidden gems along Buford Highway and elsewhere. And that's pretty relevant for everyone's pocket books right about now, isn't it?

The silver lining is that if we get a new home, we'll finally have a grill and space to entertain so dining at home will get much more appealing. Looking forward to sharing these experiences with you since I know we can't be the only ones who have to cut back our eating out budget!



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