Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fifth Group's zero-waste policy

Atlanta's Fifth Group and Ecco made the NY Times today getting props for their participation in Green Foodservice Alliance's zero waste policy. Ecco composts food scraps rather than trash them. What a great policy! (Now if I could just be allowed to recycle paper at home the world would be a greener place indeed.)

Congrats Fifth Group for leading the way! Let's hope many more restaurants jump on the bandwagon.

Here's what the article had to say about Ecco...

At Ecco, a popular restaurant in Atlanta, waiters no longer scrape food scraps into the trash bin. Uneaten morsels are dumped into five-gallon pails and taken to a compost heap out back...

Green Foodservice Alliance, a division of the Georgia Restaurant Association, has been adding restaurants throughout Atlanta and its suburbs to its so-called zero-waste zones. And companies are springing up to meet the growth in demand from restaurants for recycling and compost haulers.

Steve Simon, a partner in Fifth Group, a company that owns Ecco and four other restaurants in the Atlanta area, said that the hardest part of participating in the alliance’s zero-waste-zone program was not training his staff but finding reliable haulers.

“There are now two in town, and neither is a year old, so it is a very tentative situation,” Mr. Simon said. Still, he said he had little doubt that the hauling sector would grow and that all five of the restaurants would eventually be waste-free.



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