Monday, October 19, 2009

New Atlanta Restaurants

Recession, schmecession. Restaurants are still opening at a pretty rapid clip in Atlanta despite the lousy economy.

I’m still waiting with baited breathe for Pure Taqueria to open in the old Grape space in Inman Park. Alas, it’s going to open in barely enough time for us to try it out before we pack up and move to our new house in the Highlands (OK, technically we’re just under contract, so fingers crossed on that one!) From everything I hear taco lovers OTP love them some Pure, so my hopes are high.

Now head from my hood to Little Sister’s – Dutch Valley Road in Midtown -and you’ll find Amuse! from Anis and Cafe Diem alums. It will serve French-influenced cuisine, in what they describe as a “whimsically international dining experience.” Can’t you just sense the whimsicalness from the exclamation point in it’s name? It was slated to open today. Featured dishes will include the Asian inflected Orange Glazed Pork with apple slaw and cherry mostarda on ciabatta, and the Mediterranean influenced Ricotta and Lemon Gnocchi with smoked tomato, basil and pecorino and Southern fare such as “Mac and Cheese” of gemelli pasta, three cheeses, local bacon and truffle. To be honest, I’m not sure how any of that qualifies as French influenced, but they must Frenchify it somehow, right? Alas, they’ve also stolen much of the guest parking at Little Sister’s building, so that’s a bummer, but if the food is good, I can look by it.

Next up, Aurum Lounge will open in the Metropolis building sometime this month. From the sound of it, Aurum will be your typical lounge, complete with plush sofas, small plates and cocktails, and a DJ playing techno, house and lounge. Can’t say this sounds any different than any other midtown lounge to me, but Atlantans can always use a new place to drink and flirt, right?

PS… Restaurants, if you’re going to send out press releases about opening, I’d strongly recommend getting your website up and running. Two out of three of these links don’t work yet, and hungry diners like me want to get the scoop from your site! So my two cents from a lifetime of eating out and a good many years of consulting experience, get all your ducks in a row before generating press, otherwise you’re missing out on some of the value!



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