Friday, November 6, 2009

Another rule for service professionals

After a particularly delightful exchange with my catering vendor (Gloriosa), I was struck that there's an important service professional rule that I forgot to mention. As a service professional (be it a waiter, caterer, etc), your job is to create a positive experience for me. That means, no condescension, no lectures, no snide remarks. If I wanted a lecture, I could get one for free from my father. I do not need one from people I'm paying to facilitate my happiness.

Of course that doesn't give me the right to be rude or make unreasonable demands. I don't subscribe to the customer is always right theory to the extent that I think I can be a jackass with no repercussions. But if I'm stressed (and what girl isn't right before her wedding?) then your job is to ease my fears by coming up with a rock-solid plan, not lecture me on how I should have known it might rain.

It always kills me when waiters, bartenders or bouncers are rude, the latter being rude more often than not. They were hired to facilitate the pleasure of the experience, right? Part of the lecture I received today was that a wedding is all about love, so it shouldn't matter to me if it rains on my outdoor wedding. Yes, I'm well aware that a wedding is about love, but I could have saved a boatload of money and gotten married in a courthouse if the aesthetics of the event weren't a priority. Don't you pay your caterer to make it a beautiful, delicious day?

OK enough venting. Clearly I'm super irked by my recent exchange, but I think the rule is a valid one. Politeness and keeping your negative opinions to yourself are part of the service package. I'm sure my wedding will be lovely, and I have no doubt that Gloriosa will do good work, but I would have preferred soothing to lecturing.

Now if everyone could just put their positive thoughts towards sunshine on November 14, I'd much appreciate it! For all future reference I do not recommend outdoor weddings in Atlanta for people prone to stress...watching the ever changing weather forecast is killing me!



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