Monday, November 9, 2009

Our final pre-wedding date night at Holeman & Finch

Saturday was our last night out as an unmarried couple. I certainly hope we’ll continue going on dates long after our wedding day, but it still felt momentous to know that we were on the precipice of major change. After some debate (and missed freeway exits), we decided to go to our favorite place in town – Holeman & Finch.

Alas, I didn’t bring my camera, so my descriptions will have to suffice. Let it be said, that as always, every single thing we had was awesome. Rich, hearty, flavorful…just really fricking delicious!

We sidled up to the bar, and I had a cranberry and gin cocktail, that definitely hit the spot after weeks of being a teetotaler. The fried oysters were, as always, heavenly. Salty and crispy on the outside, with a little bit of spicy remoulade. The mussels were also a hit, although it was really the bread dipped in the sauce that did it for me (yes, I forewent my low-carb ways for this date, too!)

We’re on an eternal search for sweetbreads as good as those at Casa Mono in NY. H&F’s version still wasn’t quite there, but it was the best version we’ve tried. Not chewy or bland like so many variations, and an appealing citrus sort of flavor. there was no citrus listed in it’s recipe, so I could be calling that entirely wrong, but there was something there that was an unexpected but very welcome flavor.

But best of all was the carbonara. Generally it’s hard for carbonara, filled with pancetta and cream, to go wrong, but this one was out of control. I may have actually told the bartender that I wanted to dive my head in it, and Mr. AT quickly added on that he’d like take his clothes off and swim in it naked. Yes, that’s how good it was.

I truly, deeply love Holeman & Finch. I love the chill by stylish atmosphere that always feels like you’re somewhere cool. I love the knowledgeable bartenders and top-notch drinks. And I’m passionate about their always impressive food. Once my form fitting wedding dress is behind me, I’ll be back for a married date night to enjoy their burger! Yum…can’t wait!



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