Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Post-wedding cravings: someone give this girl a sweet!

It's T-2.5 days until I join the ranks of the oh so happily married. I'm excited, of course, to start my married life with Mr. AT, and I'm looking forward to having most of the people I love all in one place for the weekend. But when I think down the line to what I'm most looking forward to after all the excitement of the big day is over - long after after the DJ spins his last tune, after my friends and family fly/drive away, and I hermetically seal my wedding dress - it's the opportunity to once again eat with abandon. Granted I'm always a stickler for being at least somewhat healthy, but after so many months of denying myself sweet treats on all but the most special of occasions, I am dying - really DYING - to stuff my face silly with sweets.

I may have mentioned it here before, but I once learned about a study that proved that self deniers were far more likely to binge eat than those who moderated all the time. I am currently falling squarely into that trap. With visions of my wedding dress showing off my chiseled Michelle Obama arms and trim waistline, I have systematically denied myself candy (through Halloween no less!), pastries, and desserts of all kinds. has been rough.

I stare longingly at the overflowing candy bowl at work, sigh when I pass the bakery section at the grocery store, day dream about holiday pastries (pumpkin pie, oh my!)...but still I resist because if I can't eat healthy for my wedding, then when will I ever?

I still have in my work drawer the Almond Joy that my coworker oh so cruelly threw on my desk and practically dared me to eat. But no, I didn't break, it's still there a month later. Of course, I've not been a perfect little denier. I've given in on anything I could construe as a special occasion, such as press meal (it would be rude to turn away a free dessert, no?) or grad school reunion. But still I cannot wait to tuck into something ooey gooey chocolaty with abandon.

My mother asked recently if I was going to finally stop denying myself so I could enjoy some dessert at my wedding. Am I ever?! We have 3 kinds of dessert - spiced pear pie, pecan pie, and red velvet cake. I intend to eat at least a small slice of each. Aw hell yeah!

Tomorrow I make seven-layer bars to put in my welcome bags, and you better believe I'm going to have one of them. Their abundant layers of goodness will be too much to resist, and at this point, I have to wonder - can I really expand that much in just 2 days?

So as the minutes tick by, and I get closer to the day I've been planning for months, it's not just a lifetime of love I look forward to, but also a return to the world of moderation and occasional dessert indulgence!



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