Monday, November 2, 2009

Pure Taqueria Preview

We were lucky enough this weekend to snag free passes to try out Pure Taqueria before it opened to the general public. Since they were going around the neighborhood passing out tickets for free food and booze, the place was, surprise surprise, totally packed.

It’s too soon to pass judgment, but based on my first experience, I think Pure will be an excellent addition to the neighborhood. They’ve rid themselves of the Grape’s corporate feel in favor of a bright, cheery and seemingly much larger space. Service is friendly, and even on a crazy night like this one, efficient.

Cocktails were plentiful and universally tasty. Not every dish we tried was a total success, but on average, we enjoyed the meal (my first post-stomach flu!) and will certainly return. I’ve never much liked Across the Street, the only other Mexican place in the ‘hood, so I imagine Pure will have no trouble attracting diners. Although I’m not sure Pure will overtake Taqueria as my fave taqueria, it is certainly closer, at least for the next month or so, so that alone will win it some of my business.

I wouldn’t normally order the steak at a Mexican restaurant, but Pure’s is particularly tasty and worth ditching the tacos for. I’m sure Mr. AT and I will be trying it out again soon – if nothing else, tacos sound like a perfect quick, avoiding packing up our apartment dinner, so we’ll be back come December!



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